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The thought of changing focus

My life has changed so dramatically this year, that the rest of me is falling behind. I am so busy running around and actually living that I am not taking time out for me. I can't remember the last time I had some time by myself that wasn't spent driving.

I have this little thought in my head about making my own makeover notebook/binder. Customize the sheets to it works for me. The blog may be a part of that. That part has not been determined. I know there are things I need to change. I have great intentions, but my follow through is complete crap.

No one reads this blog but me...and that is ok. :) Sometimes you just have to write to get things out. And I type a helluva lot faster than I write....and my handwriting is atrocious.

Until later, blog...

long time no well type

Hello blog. How are you today? I have been very neglectful, i know. I suck.

I will get back to it eventually. It is so much fun putting words out into cyberspace. :)

Green slacker

I am a green slacker. Still recycling and such, but damnit if i don't get plastic bags or use products that have nasty chemicals in them. I need to get back into it. I wonder if other people plateau like with weight loss. Oh well it is all a learning process.

There is such a wealth of information out there, that I feel like i am drowning in it. When it comes to reading, I have a bit of ADD. I find it very difficult to stay focused..i need my info in small bite size chunks.

In other thoughts, this may become a different type of journal talking about become more of the person I want to be rather than just the green thing. We will see.


Hi Blog...that is all.

Snuffy head

I have had a cold for a few days now...and I must admit I haven't fought it in a completely green way. It is hard to switch from so many years of doing one thing to combat illness and try new things. However one thing that I consider very green is a neti pot. I love my neti pot. irrigate those sinuses. :) If you don't have one, get one. It feels weird, really weird, but it really works. I also have been drinking lots of v-8 and other juicy things and lots of water. I stayed in bed all day yesterday...so i guess it is somewhat green..i didn't drive anywhere. :)


blog blabber

Do I really want to do a blog...if I do, do i really want to do it on this. The net is saturated with blogs of mundane facts about peoples lives...so why would I have anything different to say? Many people talk about green living. So right now this blog is in limbo. Maybe I can change it to just random interesting things to me. :) Time will tell.

Snow snow and more snow

Greetings long lost livejournal blog. I know i am an awful friend...never write never come to see you. Maybe that will change. :)

We have had snow and ice and snow and more snow for over a week now. There is a foot of snow just outside...I just keep thinking, and people think climate change isn't real...seriously. This is not normal weather for winter in Portland. It is just supposed to be dreary and rainy. So I am thinking I may have been getting lax in my green adventures. There is so much more to do. So after the great snow thaw of 2008, then I am going to start doing more again. A couple of things on the horizon is to stop driving to the transit center to catch the train to work. walk to the bus then train. It will take a little more time, however I will be walking which I need to do anyway. We are going to get rid of the freezer. It is old and inefficient. We leave things out there to just burn. Cooking, i need to start cooking more. I am a fast food queen, and frankly I could use a vegetable or two.

Ok, so hopefully I won't neglect you little space of my own...however I probably will so just get used to it. :)

I suck at this blog thing

Just like my childhood diaries, it has been months with no entry. I am a procrastinator. I admit it. So here we go on what green things I have been doing.

The green team at work is starting to ramp up. I am very excited at the possibility of being able to help with change here. We have recycling bins by everyone's desk. On Friday we had the first meeting of the team. I think there will be lots of good ideas coming from everyong. :)

The big thing coming up more and more in my life is the concept of eating locally. I recently read Plenty: One Man, One Woman, and a Raucous Year of Eating Locally and it really got me thinking about how far my food travels

In the same vein, I just started reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A year of food life by Barbara Kingsolver.

And my hubby and I have really started paying attention to what we are eating. We are by no means eating everything locally. But we are trying to eat more. It is much harder moving from a junk food junky lifestyle to one of cooking. And while I don't think we would ever be 100% locally fed, there are some things you just have to have. I think we will start to really change what we eat. And in the long run, will be healthier because of it.

There are other things that are happening. Will have to save that for another day.

An experiement

The past few weeks at work have been madness. We are swamped with work, and I have been chugging the 25 cent Diet Dr Peppers and not much else all day long. (well there is also the french vanilla cappuccino from the machine at work too that is free) So needless to say, I am overly caffeinated. So starting tomorrow, I am going to try a week with no soda. No diet or full on sugared soda. I am not cutting caffeine completely right now. Just trying to get more water in. I consider this a green step. Less waste, less chemicals in my system...more water in my system. I have a nice glass at work that I thrifted that is made of glass. So no plastics. If I miss the carbonation too much, i will grab some hansens or something else a little more natural. Otherwise, water and ice tea. I also bought some stevia to try out, rather than splenda... I lived in the south, and I must have sweet tea...yes that is what it is called. sweet tea. :)

In other green news...I cleaned out my beauty products. I am slowly switching over to the green side. I do have one can of hairspray and some styling product that my Hair Guru gave me, so i will finish it out. (saved it from the landfill. He is switching products and had a lot of partials) Then when it is done, the bottles are going to be recycled.

It is funny how much trying to green up can change how you look at things. I have these black pants that I love, but they attract lint like nobodies business. I have those sticky lint rollers, and just to make them presentable, it takes two or three sheets. so it is a disposable product, with a big plastic handle...which i put in the junk drawer for now, i have to find a use for it. :) The guilt kicks in a bit when I am using it. So I have to find a reusable lint brush or something. I like the pants, i don't want to give them up. :) crazy? :)

Back to cleaning....yes, with environmentally friendly products. Seventh Generation glass and surface cleaner...Meyers lavender scouring powder. And of course, my Dyson. (Love that little purple vacuum.)